Old Man in a Room Somewhere Playing
Guitar and Talking into a Microphone


Topic: Media

I am finished writing to the NY Times.

The universe is ours!

The problem with Trump.

A green future for all.


Topic: Rent

Get tough with money addicts.

Two charts.

Through the roof.


Housing swaps.

Misleading statistics.

Difficult measures.

Developers can't build affordable housing.


The fatal flaw.

Topic: Housing

Immigration again.

Illusion of wealth.

Incentivizing rental housing construction.

Infill housing, yes. For Profit, no.

Not much social housing these days.

Publicly financing housing.

Supply, demand, and market rate housing.

Home ownership and wealth.

GDP, Debt, and the FIRE Sector.

Swan Lake condos.

Definancializing housing.

Janion Micro-Lofts.

Finance sector Keynesianism.

The margin isn't there.

Topic: Homelessness

Wokeism did not cause homelessness.

Involuntary confinement.

Topic: Healthcare

Why is CBC pushing privatizing healthcare?

Here we go again.

Healthcare privatization logic.

Malign neglect.

Healthcare funding and GDP.


Defunding healthcare.

A risible claim.

Topic: Wages

As much or more.

Shafting the young.

FDIC bailout. Odious student debt.

Misplaced outrage.

Fallacy of a living wage.

Topic: War

Right-wing hosts.

Defense spending.


Two factions. One oligarchy.

Insane maniacs.

Yanukovych was not "pro-Russian".

Red flag behaviour.


A tape.

Be in that moment, man.

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